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 5-Aug-2022Pre School Market CSR 2020          Appointment of Authorised Distributor
         Appointment of authorised distributor of carbon steel butt-weld fittings under SHINSEI brand by Shinsei Industry Sdn Bhd to YK Hardware           Supply Sdn Bhd on 5 August 2022.
   24-Sep-2020Pre School Market CSR 2020       Donation to Pre School Market
       On 24 September 2020, the Company was represented by Deputy CEO, Mr Benjamin Ow, to make a donation 
to Pre school market. In total,          about 92 sets of used telephone and associated accessories…..Read More >>
    12-May-2020 Executive Chairman cum CEO of AnnAik Limited
AnnAik Limited’s heritage can be traced back to 1977 when our Executive chairman cum CEO, Mr Ow Chin Seng set up….Read More >>
    12-May-2020 Covid 19 – Interview
Interview with Mr Ow Chin Seng, President of Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce.  Fighting the epidemic together, looking for business opportunities from the crisis….Read More > >

Water Purification Technology for Wastewater Treatment Solutions in Sihanoukville

The transformation of Sihanoukville in Cambodia into a megaconstruction with hotels, casinos and resorts being built in rapid succession has led to discharge of sewage and garbage into stormwater drains and seas leading to environmental hazards for the locals……Read More > >     

   31-Dec-2019Newspaper Article - Firms Tap Enterprise Singapore 23 Jul 2018-000 Water Purification Technology for Wastewater Treatment Solution in Sihanoukville
The transformation of Sihanoukville in Cambodia into a mega-construction with hotels, casinos and Resorts being built in rapid succession has led to discharge of sewage and garbage into stormwater. Drains and seas leading to environment hazards for locals…..Read More > >


AnnAik Goes Environmental Amid Tepid Steel Business
STEEL stockist AnnAik’s move into the wastewater treatment business, initially derided, is gaining traction amid a tepid steel business today, according to its chief executive. Set up in 1977, the company mainly manufactures stainless steel flanges for customers from various countries. It….Read More >>

29-Sep-2019NUS Run Cover Photo

NUS Giving Run Big 2019
On 29 September 2019, 12 colleagues along with family members went to National University of Singapore to take part in the “NUS Giving Run Big” activity. The morning run started at 7am with all taking part in the 10km category event. The weather was ideal as everyone set off around the compound of NUS, going through various faculties, football field and a number of slopes.There were a few first timers and they gamely took on the challenge…..Read More >>
10-May-2019img13 Newater Visitor Centre 2019
On 10 May 2019, 11 colleagues spent their afternoon at the Newater Visitor Centre. They were given a guided tour to learn about the origins, process and importance of Newater’s role in Singapore’s development journey. It was a first time experience for many and had the chance to taste Newater straight off the production line. After 2 hours, they departed having picked up tips on saving water and appreciation of sustainable living concepts…….Read More >>


Safari Zoo Run 2019
On 24 February 2019, 13 colleagues along with family members went to Singapore Zoo to take part in the “Safari Zoo Run” activity. The day started early for those who entered for 12km competitive run while others participated in the 4km walk. It was a crowded event but allowed enough space to run at an individual pace or stroll to enjoy the scenery. On a warm morning, everyone got to see the Singapore Zoo, Night Safari and River Safari exhibits amid shady paths……Read More >>
           29-Jan-2019Newspaper-Article---Purification-Technology-Tackles-China-Household-Water-Pollution-29-Jan-2019-000 Purification technology tackles China’s household water pollution
In a province near Shanghai, Singapore’s AnnAik is keeping China’s waterways clean.This may look like an ordinary house, but this small building about an hour’s drive from Shanghai, is improving the lives of the community around it.No conventional fittings or furniture here; this unassuming building houses a potential solution to China’s domestic wastewater problems. It’s a treatment facility that filters out pollutants and other potentially hazardous……Read More >>


“Define Your Run”
On 24 November 2018, 15 colleagues went to Marina Bay East Park to take part in the inaugural “Define Your Run” activity. The event started at 0715H and everyone arrived early to begin their warm up and stretching exercise in preparation for the run ahead. The distances varied from 3.5km to 13.5km and allowed an individual to choose, depending on assessment of one’s fitness level.The scenic journey took them from Marina Bay East to Fullerton Bay and Kallang areas…..Read More >>
    17-Aug-2018aaklogo AnnAik’s 25% associate leads consortium that clinches 134m yuan China waste projectCATALIST-LISTED AnnAik Ltd said on Friday that its 25 per cent-owned associate, Shanghai Onway Environmental Co, together with other strategic investors, has snagged its maiden public–private partnership (PPP) project in July. The project, awarded by the Housing and Urban Construction Bureau of China’s Wujiang District, is worth about RMB134 million (S$26.80 million), AnnAik said. It will be undertaken by a joint venture company which was set up in June with registered capital of RMB26.68 million.Read More >> PDF 


Bishan Park Gardening
On 10 August 2018, 14 volunteers went to Bishan Park for a morning gardening activity. The aim was to enhance the greenery by planting a variety of shrubs that would improve the environmental scenery and attract pollinating insects such as butterflies. Equipped with a personal changkol and gloves, the team went about digging the grounds to anchor the new plants.Along the way, the volunteers also learnt about the types of plants and their uses….Read More >>

23-July-2018Newspaper Article - Firms Tap Enterprise Singapore 23 Jul 2018-000

Firms tap Enterprise Singapore’s expertise, connection for water projects in China
Entering a new industry in a different country is rarely a move made lightly, but the promise of continual and growing demand for one of nature’s most precious resources is sufficient to tip the scales. It did for steel stockist AnnAik in 2005, which saw in China’s wastewater industry a recurring income stream to supplement its steel trading business.”Steel depends on the day-to-day requirements of customers, and earnings end up being lumpy,”…Read More >>
 9 to 11 July-2018SIWW-9-11-July-2018-000
Singapore International Water Week 2018
The Company took part for the 4th time at the Singapore International Water Week. The booth was located at MBS Expo, B2-M21 and supported by Singapore Water Association. Our Japanese, Taiwanese and Malaysian partners lent their support by sending personnel and display products. The objectives were to introduce new products lineup, enhance customer awareness raise business profile and communicate future plans…Read More >>
14-June-2018Beach Cleanup group photo
Beach Cleanup
On 14 June 2018, 15 volunteers gathered at East Coast Park for a beach cleanup activity. The aim was to help sustain a beautiful natural environment so as to make the beach and barbeque areas suitable for one’s enjoyment.With the weather in their favor, the volunteers split into groups and combed through the grass and sandy areas. They covered an area about 350m x 120m, spending 2 hours and collected 10 bags of garbage…Read More >>

25-Nov-2017Group Photo_2

Cambridge Preschool’s Annual Spring Cleaning
On 25 November 2017, 8 volunteers from the Company helped out at Cambridge Preschool for its annual spring cleaning.

The aim was to create a hygienic and suitable environment for the preschoolers in time for their new school year. Together with the teachers, the volunteers were assigned to various tasks and spent 3.5 hours to clean the premises that involved moving furniture, removing….Read More >>


20-Sept-2017 Company CSR Acivity_2 - Copy

“Clean Plate” Campaign
On 20 September 2017, 14 volunteers from the Company visited South View Primary School for a “Clean Plate” Campaign.

The aim was to encourage students to return a clean plate during recess break so that food was not wasted. The volunteers split up to be either befrienders who helped to spread food wastage messages or be counter staff who tallied the number of clean plates received….Read More >>

 08-Sept-2017Straite Times - Copy
Managing Waste Works Out For Pioneer
Pioneer co-founders James Ow Chin Seng (left) and Raymond Yang set up the business in 2010. It positions itself as a professional consultancy and service provider that not only supplies products, but also installs and manages full-scale water-reclamation projects.Its main operations are in Singapore and China, but it hopes to expand in South-east Asian countries like Vietnam….Read More >>


News Of Rural Waste Water Treatment 2015

Water Purification Technology for Wastewater Treatment Solution In Sihanoukville
The transformation of Sihanoukville in Cambodia into a mega-construction with hotels, casinos and resorts being built in rapid succession has led to discharge of sewage and garbage into stormwater drains and seas leading to environmental hazards for the locals…
.