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25-September-2017 Company CSR Acivity_2 - Copy

“Clean Plate” Campaign
On 20 September 2017, 14 volunteers from the Company visited South View Primary School for a “Clean Plate” Campaign.

The aim was to encourage students to return a clean plate during recess break so that food was not wasted. The volunteers split up to be either befrienders who helped to spread food wastage messages or be counter staff who tallied the number of clean plates received….Read More >>

 08-September-2017Straite Times - Copy
Managing waste works out for Pioneer
Pioneer co-founders James Ow Chin Seng (left) and Raymond Yang set up the business in  2010. It positions itself as a professional consultancy and service provider that not only supplies products, but also installs and manages full-scale water-reclamation projects.Its main operations are in Singapore and China, but it hopes to expand in South-east Asian countries like Vietnam….Read More >>


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