Annual Reports


Dear Shareholders, In 2015, the world economy experienced strong headwinds as a result of the weakening Chinese economy, plummeting oil and commodity prices. These negative developments coupled with persistent flat growth in Europe and Japan offset the moderate growth in the U.S market, and adversely impacted the overall economy outlook in Singapore. Navigating a Challenging… read more »

annurep-2014 ANNUAL REPORT YEAR 2014

Executive Chairman cum CEO of AnnAik Limited lends insights into factors driving the Company’s performance in 2014, and shares his vision for the year forward. Q – Question A – Answer from Mr. Ow Chin Seng Q- How has 2014 been for the Group? A- While the global economy continues to be shrouded by weak… read more »

AAKAR2013-Small cover page1 ANNUAL REPORT YEAR 2013

Dear Shareholders, 2013 proved challenging for many in the industry. While the global economy is slowly but surely picking up steam, businesses like ours bore the brunt of intense competition and overproduction. For AnnAik, the year’s performance was also affected by the exclusion of the one-off gain on disposal of property and ex gratia payment,… read more »